Python Word Find Program

Ezra and I took 30 minutes this evening and wrote a word find puzzle solver in Python.  This uses a little bit of pre-processing, sets, dictionaries, tuples, and other (less efficient) techniques to fairly quickly find the answers.

board = '''
m a i n v f
a n a f d d
s m i t h a
i r o n r v
e m o z a i
a e e t a d
words = '''
# use this to get a dictionary involved.
#words = open('dictionary.txt', 'rt').read()
BOARD = {}
x = 0
y = 0
for line in board.strip().split('\n'):
y += 1
x = 0
for char in line:
char = char.lower()
if char in 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz':
x += 1
BOARD[x,y] = char
WORDS = set()
for line in words.strip().split('\n'):
word = line.strip().lower()
if len(word) >= 3:
PREFX = set()
FOUND = set()
for word in WORDS:
prefix = ''
for c in word[:1]:
prefix += c
# For each position on the board
for x,y in BOARD:
# For each direction of 8
for xx,yy in DIREC:
x1 = x #cur pos
y1 = y #cur pos
word = '' #cur word
while True:
# Check if off board
if (x1,y1) not in BOARD:
# Get character at current pos
word += BOARD[x1,y1]
# If it is a word, add it
if word in WORDS:
# If this is not a prefix, then bail out
if word not in PREFX:
# Increment current position based on direction
x1 += xx
y1 += yy

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