Simondale Excavating, Tyrone, PA

Simondale Excavating

Type of Services:
Excavating, Earth Moving, Trucking, Septic Systems, Sand Mounds, Foundations, etc…

Primary Contacts:
Matt Simondale, Jim Simondale

Contact Information:
(814) 632-8590

3231 Simondale Lane
Tyrone, PA 16686-3350

Excavating Altoona PA, Excavating Huntingdon PA, Excavating State College PA, Excavating Tyrone PA

Simondale Excavating has done an outstanding job for me on a number of different jobs, both big (big big) and small.  If you need any excavation work in the Altoona/Tyrone/Huntingdon/State College area (or nearby), do not hesitate to call Jim or Matt at (814) 632-8590.

Upon meeting Jim Simondale and Matt Simondale, I was very impressed by their knowledge, demeanor, and interest in my project.  I met with them 3 times on site prior to starting this project, and every detail has been covered as discussed.

This may seem like a small thing, but I appreciated that all of their equipment (trucks, excavators, bull dozers, etc…) were newer models, very well maintained, clean (as is reasonable), and had their logo painted neatly across.  All signs of being professional.

They have been on my job site on three separate occasions.   The first time, the bulk of this clearing was cut out and roads were built.  The second time (after winter), some more land was cleared, additional roads built, and existing roads improved.  The third time they dug a footer and moved my (very heavy) shed 1/8 mile!

Here is a photo from June, 2011

Here is a video of Jim Simondale loading one of their dump trucks for the purpose of moving slate from the bank to build a road.

Initial Excavating, December 2010

See how nice the grading of the bank is?  All done with the large excavator pictured above.

Update June 2011

Matt Simondale (right) and Kyle (left) laying out a new footer for a foundation:

Matt and Jim have demonstrated their belief in quality equipment on many levels.  Here they are using a self leveling rotary laser to make sure the bottom of the footer was both below the frost line, and very level.

… and using a skidloader to clean up the material pulled out of the footer:

August, 2012

As part of an utility easement I negotiated with an adjacent property owner, we agreed that I would improve his driveway using fill from my property.





December, 2012

Simondale installed 1800 feet of conduit through the woods, under multiple roads, and near buildings with impeccable accuracy and attention to detail.  All conduit was bedded with limestone dust and carefully back-filled to prevent damage.

Installing Conduit for Electrical and Cable service.








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