Trees, Trees, and No Trees

Loggers hard at work, clearing enough ground to build a road and level part of the mountain.

This photo is epic, considering the perspective of two youngsters overlooking that much mountain and trees and streams and huge equipment that looks like toys.

(Epic, adj, Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size”)

A view up the hill from the bottom.

And lastly, a view north where the road is planned to come in.

Felling a tall hardwood tree with Lofty Heights Logging, LLC.

UPDATE: Lofty Heights Logging LLC. Now has a website!

Lofty Heights Logging hard at work clearing some ground for us.  In this 1 minute video, you can see a tree go down.  In person, the whipping sound made by the twigs was impressive, and the crash when it impacted the ground sounded almost like an explosion. If you are anywhere near the Altoona, PA area and need any timbering, logging, or tree cutting, I highly recommend you call Earnest Ebersole at (814) 201-0331.

A square peg in a round hole?

Yep.  We are building a rough wooden table out of the trees we cut down for a clearing on our land.  Rather than use screws or nails or saws, we opted for the axe, drilling holes, and wooden pegs.

Actually, almost all of the wood pictured was cut with a Friskars Chopping Axe.  Eventually, I got tired of chopping and purchased a nice Stihl chainsaw to help out.  Regardless, the hewing and fitting is still done with the axe.

The top boards are half-logs of a maple tree.  The pegs, also, are green maple, that we squared off with a knife and pounded into 1″ holes.