Two birds and an egg

We’ve been watching this bird’s nest for some time in our shed which is in construction.  The mother, would always fly around the clearing watching and waiting…  Maybe having a panic attack?

The little ones finally came.  Sadly, the third egg never hatched.  A few days later, the nest was empty (except the 1 egg).  Little birds are a bit ugly I must say, but I’m sure the will pretty up in a short amount of time.

Life Flight Helicopter under the Evening Sky

I was impressed by the shutter speed on my Droid X to capture the rotors with such clarity.



On the flip side, here is an untouched photograph of Ezra that I took just by rotating the Droid X as the picture was taken.  This was in the evening, less light on the ground.  Apparently it was centered on his right eye, because his left eye looks blurry.

1,000 Sparklers — at once!

Sparklers are fun, right?

Well, if you multiply that fun times 1,000 in a pile, then it gets really fun, and hot, and somewhat dangerous.  From my observations, sparkelrs burn much faster when grouped together.  If a normal sparker takes 60 seconds to burn, 1,000 of them might take 6 seconds to mostly burn.  This means there is TEN THOUSAND times more light and heat being released.


(Quick way to burn $40.00, proverbally speaking)

Also, if you are not well versed in, and professional about, safety considerations of very hot metal and bright light, then it is my advice that you do not even consider this.

Here is a washed out picture of the glowing metal after it is done.

HomeSchool Software: All 700 pages have arrived

I think my inkjet printer is about ready to die…  Between printing GP-7 permit applications (fodder for another post), and a 700 page photo-intensive portfolio, it’s gone above and beyond the monthly duty cycle.

Here is a photograph of the finished portfolio in a 5″ binder printed on 48lb double sided matte photo paper.  It is really neat to look at and remember everything we did this year.

HomeSchool Software: Review, Rendering, and Printing

After several intense programming sessions, I got the HomeSchool software in a quite suitable place for us to be able to use it to produce a log and portfolio.

I must say, it’s looking pretty nice!  It is rather amazing to look back at the year, and see in detail what was going on with Eli.

One of my favorites is on page 159 (read the letter on the telephone pole):


Here is a screen shot of the book view: