Black and White vs. Color (A buck in the woods)

I was driving up our raised driveway and Ezra exclaimed “There is a DEER!”.  We’ve been seeing quite a few deer (both buck and doe) around the creek recently.

Take a close look at the first photo and see if you can spot him?

Then take a look at the exact same photo in color.  Amazing.

Panoramic of Winter Scene

This one was comprised of about 87 overlapping photographs.

Eli took his new tripod, on a bitter cold day, and set it up on the “top tier” of cleared ground, capturing about 270 degrees of the scene.

Again, we used Hugin to stitch it together.

(click image to see full size version)


The cameramen at work…



And lastly, here is the recorded “activity” in the new Home School software.

360 Panoramic from the Top of the Hill

I took about 45 photos today, freehand, with Eli’s FinePix point-and-shoot digital camera.  The camera isn’t in top shape, and the light of the sun really washed out some of the shots, which was propagated to all shots by Hugin while stitching.

I would imagine that if I knew more about Hugin, that I could prevent some of this.

Regardless, it’s a pretty cool picture.  Zechariah is in it, if you can find him!

(make sure you click it and let your browser open it full size)

Panoramic Image of Woods and 3 Driveways

Using the Motorola Droid X, I took about 10 photographs at 5MP, freehand.  Then I used Hugin, the open source image stitching software.

I had never stitched images together, but I must say this tool is impressive.  The images were all various shades, angles, and since taken freehand, not straight.

However, see the result below…

Felling a tall hardwood tree with Lofty Heights Logging, LLC.

UPDATE: Lofty Heights Logging LLC. Now has a website!

Lofty Heights Logging hard at work clearing some ground for us.  In this 1 minute video, you can see a tree go down.  In person, the whipping sound made by the twigs was impressive, and the crash when it impacted the ground sounded almost like an explosion. If you are anywhere near the Altoona, PA area and need any timbering, logging, or tree cutting, I highly recommend you call Earnest Ebersole at (814) 201-0331.