About Me

Hi, my name is Jason Garber.

(Not to be confused with the other Jason Garber in MD, or the other one in DC, I am the one from PA.)

Being born and raised by good parents in central Pennsylvania has given me a great appreciation for life, family, and nature.  I currently live in Altoona with a large and ever growing family.

Dual hammers on rubber band gun #5 shortly after milling.

Dual hammers on rubber band gun #5 shortly after milling.

All of my life I have been very interested in creating.  Creating falls into a number of categories which I will outline here:

Life – I love kids and I love to raise kids. Our house has up to a dozen of them running around depending on who is visiting at the time.

Relationships – I value relationships of all kinds.  Business relationships, personal relationships, friends, partners, and so on. I only have so much time in life, and cannot spend it with everyone.  That is why I like strong relationships that last, and stand up to the test of time.

Gadgets – Since as young as I can remember, I have liked to build (and have done so).  The challenge has always been to find the right combination of money, tools, time, and space (ideas are plentiful).  To the right is a picture of the hammers of an advanced rubber band gun prototype that my boys and I built.

Technology – Computers have fascinated me ever since getting my hands on a Commodore 64 in 1986.  One time I got in trouble and was prohibited from playing games on the 64 for two weeks.  So there started my adventures into programming…  Ever since I have been most involved and interested in better utilizing computer technology to solve real problems.

A Better Way!

Business – Initially started as a way to fund my other (expensive) interests, AppCove is the company that I started in 2003, and currently manage during the daytime.  AppCove is a Managed Custom Application Provider.

AppCove is a name which is made up of two other words — App as in Computer Application, and Cove as in a secure, sheltered bay. Joining these two words together gives the name AppCove.

Our mission is to create, manage, deploy, and service world-class software applications which improve the productivity of individuals and organization.

More can be found at www.appcove.com.

Productivity – Now that is one thing I can create, and do frequently.  We have limited time each day, so why spend that time inefficiently?  Why run in circles when you can walk in a straight line?  A little up front investment in procedural improvements can return an everlasting gain in productivity.  This philosophy greatly affects all aspects of my life.

So what is g.a.h.o.o.a. (or Gahooa)?

Gahooa is an acronym for a series of words that I’ll leave for people to guess at.  But in general it stands for “Continuous Improvement; move in the right direction”.

During the course of writing, I will refer to things which I hold as true.  Hopefully I am right, although I recognize up front that many times I have been wrong.  Regardless of my perspective on a “truth”, the truth of the matter is out there, and it is indeed true.  As it has been said:

“To be humble is to be wise, and to love truth is to love life.”

I would also like to say that there are many truths that are very complicated.  Like “why are children starving”.  Wow, that is deep.  So I try not to be presumptive and think that I “get it”.

A good friend…

A good friend suggested that I blog about all of the things that I am learning.  This I will try to do.  Feel free to get in touch with me.  I can be reached at


My office number is: (814) 941-2390 x50.

P.O. BOX 1309, Altoona, PA 16603

Thanks for reading!

Jason Garber