Python Word Find Program

Ezra and I took 30 minutes this evening and wrote a word find puzzle solver in Python.  This uses a little bit of pre-processing, sets, dictionaries, tuples, and other (less efficient) techniques to fairly quickly find the answers.

board = '''
m a i n v f
a n a f d d
s m i t h a
i r o n r v
e m o z a i
a e e t a d
words = '''
# use this to get a dictionary involved.
#words = open('dictionary.txt', 'rt').read()
BOARD = {}
x = 0
y = 0
for line in board.strip().split('\n'):
y += 1
x = 0
for char in line:
char = char.lower()
if char in 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz':
x += 1
BOARD[x,y] = char
WORDS = set()
for line in words.strip().split('\n'):
word = line.strip().lower()
if len(word) >= 3:
PREFX = set()
FOUND = set()
for word in WORDS:
prefix = ''
for c in word[:1]:
prefix += c
# For each position on the board
for x,y in BOARD:
# For each direction of 8
for xx,yy in DIREC:
x1 = x #cur pos
y1 = y #cur pos
word = '' #cur word
while True:
# Check if off board
if (x1,y1) not in BOARD:
# Get character at current pos
word += BOARD[x1,y1]
# If it is a word, add it
if word in WORDS:
# If this is not a prefix, then bail out
if word not in PREFX:
# Increment current position based on direction
x1 += xx
y1 += yy

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Making of the “Two Swan” puzzle

As I recently posted, Ezra and I used The Gimp to draw a picture of two birds (swans?) on the ocean.

Our next step was to turn this into a puzzle for Mr. Puzzle (Ezra).

Holding the Ink Jet printout prior to gluing.

Applying glue evenly to the board.

Adhering the printed image to the wood with glue.

Examining the puzzle before cutting.

Sanding a piece of the puzzle.

The finished product!

A closeup.. I was really happy with how nice it turned out.

All of the pieces!


And a happy Mr. Puzzle!