3 thoughts on “To become a masterful internet application engineer?

  1. It depends on the stack…

    User Interface:

  2. I think you hit the necessities for any web developer with that “base” list.

    As for server-side languages, I think people get too caught up with “you need to use X language, or you suck”. I, personally, hate ColdFusion, but I’ve seen some good web apps come from that language.

    It’s all what you make of the tools you know.

  3. Number of languages or technologies doesn’t matter.
    Internet application engineer should know all major aspects of web applications architecture (http, web security, browser’s model, web frameworks, best practices, etc) and general principles of software design and architecture (OOP, design patterns, etc) . That’s enough to call a person a ‘web app engeener’. Knowledge of JS, CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, etc might be helpful but it doesn’t make you an engineer.

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