My new corner office with a view

Finally!  It’s (structurally) done!

This is most likely something you have never seen before, but…  We recently had our 4th child, a little girl named Anna.  So I need to clear my office out of the one bedroom that will soon be hers (yes, a bit late).  Needing somewhere to setup, I decided on the living room.  I really like being around the family in the evening/weekend when I am working on various projects.

So my boys and I undertook making an office in the corner of the living room.  Not a “normal” office, but a “floating” office.  In this way, we achieve several benefits:

  • The kids will play under the platform.
  • They love it
  • I will work on top of it.
  • I get a good perspective of the house.
  • Gained square footage
  • A “cool” factor for the kids.
  • The living room still feels “open”

The structure

This platform was made by creating a doubled 2″x6″ box about 6’x6′.  It was built one board at a time, each glued and screwed together.  It is attached directly to the studs with (16) 3/8 x 4 hex lag screws, and (12) tapcons into the fireplace.

The single floor support consists of an 80 pound steel beam (3×5″ tube), wrapped in an anti-fatigue mat (head bang protection).  This was chosen for its low profile and stiffness, providing the kids with more headroom.

The flooring is made of jointed 2×10 boards, all glued and screwed down.

The platform was encased in additional 2×10 boards, creating a rim both for apperance and to prevent things from rolling off the platform.

The single leg is a length of galvanized steel pipe threaded into a custom-made maple leg.

Hardwood laminate (pergo) was laid down on top of the 2×10 flooring.

The desk top is a custom mounted “Bullet Table” provided by Ellis Office Supply.

The Photos

From across living room, seated.

From across living room, seated.

From the middle of the room, standing.

From the middle of the room, standing.




Perhaps a bit strange?  Sure. Functional?  Completely. Fun?  Totally...

Now, what kind of computer deserves to be placed on that nice platform?  I’d love to hear comments on this one.

7 thoughts on “My new corner office with a view

  1. Totally COOL! Congratulations on a new family member – little girl Anna! Just curious, what is her middle name? And speaking about computer… a slim-factor chassis from Dell might be a good option to consider (OS is of your choice).

    And btw, nice job on your hardwood floor! Did you refinish it by yourself?

  2. Hi Andrew — Thanks! The hardwood floor is Pergo, and the boys and I installed it. Pretty easy, although there are some details that can bite you if you aren’t really careful (I had to take up 3 rows because of one subtle mistake).

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