Dolly Sods

dolly-sods-fullThe (current) header to this blog is a picture that I took with my wife when visiting a very secluded area in West Virginia.  We were staying in a cabin at Harman’s North Fork Cottages which was right on the headwaters of the Potomac.  As we were taking  a drive one day, I noticed a sign for “Dolly Sods”.  What a strange name?

It was a gravel road that went up and up and up and up into the mountians.  I think it peaked out at over 4,000 feet above sea level (which is high for the east coast).   Anyway, the picture here was taken several miles up that gravel road.  Wow.

harmans-flowerAnd by the way, here is a picture of  a flower taken the same time on the banks of headwaters of the Potomac.

For those of you who have a geographic interest, I found google maps to be very enlightening when it came to looking at the terrain. Look at how steep the mountians are…  dolly-sods-map

I couldn’t recommend it more for a quiet time away…

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